Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gas Lines Everywhere

Today Melanie was on empty and she had to work at nine. I poured what was left of our lawn mower gas from the can into her Jeep this morning to ensure she would get to work. There was about a quart left and we live a mile from work so she got to work with no problem. I left about at about 11 today with the gas can to see if I could top it off and then put that two gallons into her tank so she could make it to the beginning of next week when we are supposed to have gas in town again.

I drove around for about twenty minutes. I was unaware of how serious the shortage/panic is. About 1/3 of all gas stations had gas and those with gas had lines of literally hundreds of cars waiting for gas. Fortunately, I have over half a tank and that short drive to work. I saw a few of the lines and said the hell with it, bought a soda and went to work and told Mel she was SOL. According to this Observer story there have been a few fights at the pumps and people are calling 911 and asking where they can find gas. I think if you call 911 to locate fuel for your car the cops should be ordered to your home to beat the crap out of you in front of your children. If your children are at school they should then take you to that school and beat you in front of your children and their classmates.


Kevin said...

Putting gas from the mower can is so bad for your car. The gas in the can gets really dirty, I know desperate times call for desperate measures but be mindful of what is happening, if Mel has an old fuel filter, consider changing it.

Walter said...

A mile from work? I'd just walk or hop on the bike. Especially now that's it's cooler out.

Tina said...

I'm all for public beatings!

Jim said...

Up here in NY, gas is plentiful and about 3.60 a gal.
Somebody needs to get serious down there or I ain't coming home