Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Airlines are Stinky Poopoo Heads

There is something happening on Friday in Traverse City, MI that I thought would be nice if I made an attempt to attend. I'm sure you are aware if you try to book a flight a few days before you would like to leave that the airlines will charge you around $1000. After a couple of searches I realized flying to Michigan this week was not going to happen. Do you know any other business that does this? If I go to Harris Teeter on a Saturday afternoon because I forgot to buy dip for that evening's party Harris Teeter doesn't charge me $27 for something that normally cost $3.49 Usually when someone wants to fly at the last minute it's for an emergency or, at the very least it's urgent. This industry thinks taking a stressful time in someone's life is a good time to gouge them. Is it really a mystery as to why Americans have little sympathy for an airline when it goes belly up?

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