Friday, August 01, 2008

Rhodo at Valle Crucis, NC

Last weekend was the annual trip to Valle Crucis, NC. It's a beautiful area and a nice place to pitch and tent and hang out for a couple of days.

Here we see Scott sitting on the bank above the creek that runs parallel to the campground doing a little business on his cell phone.

A couple of kids from the campsite next to us playing hide and seek

This is a shot of our little community we set up. Music is being played on an Ipod that is using a jerry rigged jam box which is connected to a large battery. Some serious backwoodsman engineering going on there.

Bobby arrives bearing beer. He feels pretty happy about it. He won't feel so happy Saturday night after all that vodka catches up with him. Call it a learning experience.

These gentlemen were watching the wiffle ball competition because they love sports. It had nothing to do with the two 18 year olds wearing bikinis.

On the left is Stevie he's been going to Rhodo for over thirty years. On the right is Murphy. He's been going almost as long. They are the two people you know will be there. And me, I haven't missed one since I started going in 1998 or 1999.

This is my special lady friend, Melanie. She has had to be convinced to go to Rhodo each of the last two years and each time she gets there she has fun. Go figure.

The only picture of me that survived the chaos.

Of course we had a fire. No one fell in it.

The next day we played frisbee. Miles has good technique. One my favorite things about Rhodo is I get to hang out with kids.

Bobby's form wasn't too bad either. Notice the bathrooms in the background. Not the most beautiful structure in the world but there are real toilets and showers with hot water.

Miles is a bit of a ham.

Here's how we spent most of Saturday: eating, chit chatting, reading and just plain relaxing.

Saturday evening we went to the apple barn down the street for the annual barn dance. The Lenny Federal Band played. They came out blazing and never slowed down for the next two hours. Lenny's band just keeps getting tighter.

Here's Lenny

Everyone's friend, Bill Walpole

Malin and John Wicker

Bobby and Wendell. Notice Bobby's eyes are at half mast. He's about twenty minutes from crashing in his cousin's car.

I told you Miles was a ham

Barry flashing the secret devil sign

An ever more wobbly Bobby wobbles next to his cousin, Caroline.

The band plays on

It wouldn't be Rhodo without this guy singing Sixteen Tons

Sunday morning's rundown campground

A hungover Wendell lets me know what he thinks of having his picture taken right as he crawls out of his tent.

I'll post a few more tomorrow. It was a picture takin' weekend.

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Angi said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing, looks like it was a lot of fun!