Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gogol Bordello

Just when you think you've heard everything a friend introduces you to a new band. On the 4th of July Melanie and I were at Chris' for a couple of drinks and some grilling. After we ate we retired inside and he showed us a few music videos. I finally got to see the performance by Queen at Live Aid and it was as amazing as I had heard. A band at its peak onstage at just the right moment. What an incredible document. After that Chris showed us a segment of a European festival performance by Gogol Bordello. Chris described it as gypsy punk and that's how they describe themselves also. Chris is so smart.

I was stunned by the performance. This band is all over the map. It has punk drumming, reggae rhythm, many different forms of European folk music thrown into an incredible blend and it is fronted by a guy that is a mixture of Iggy Pop and Ian Anderson. Somehow they pull it off and come up with music that is full of energy, originality and is very listenable. The performance that we saw reminded me of all the really great bands I have seen live, it was a celebration of just being alive.

If you would like a look at these guys I found a nice video from their appearance on the Henry Rollins show here.

I am really liking this band and I am dying to see them live.

This song is off their most recent album that came out in 2007.
Wonderlust King - Gogol Bordello

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Tom said...

Thanks for pointing these guys, that's good stuff. A friend of mine said "They look they're from eastern Europe and read about punk rock, but never actually heard any." I think that's a good description, and I mean all that in a good way.