Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fox "News" still sucks

Last night for the hell of it Melanie and I watched the first five minutes of the horrible, horrible, horrible Hannity and Colmes show on Fox last night. God, it was just horrible. They spent the first ten minutes trying to work up controversy over the current cover of the New Yorker magazine. I think what the right is trying to do is portray the left as being angry about the cover and the reason the liberals are angry is because liberals think the average American is too stupid to understand the cover's message. It's classic current right wing propaganda and, unfortunately, it works.

Mark Hemingway, at the National Review, comes to the defense of the radical right when he writes that the idea that right wingers think Obama is a terrorist and hates America "is laughable." Of course he misses the point or, as the right works, intentionally twists what is being said. No one is saying that the right's propagandists believe the bile they spew in their whisper campaigns. Of course they couldn't believe such crap. The problem is that the image of Obama and his wife on the cover of the New Yorker is the one they want the average Fox "News" viewer to see in his mind's eye. It's not what you think that is the problem, Hemingway, it's what your buddies want Joe Average to think.

I found a nice article about the cover and Obama and humor. He interviews several humorists and I think Stephen Colbert makes a couple of the best points.

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