Friday, June 27, 2008

Robert Sawyer Lecture on SF

I found this lecture on Robert Sawyer's website. It's an excellent analysis of what makes good and bad science fiction. I highly recommend giving it a listen. He breaks down quite nicely why Star Wars isn't really good SF.


Anonymous said...

I am getting sick of you nerds bashing Star Wars. it may not be good "according to Hoyle" science fiction but it is a good story, good vs evil, the rise of a dictator and the fall of a hero. So get off your high horse mister.

Unknown said...

Star Wars is a silly little fantasy story. We that love science fiction get annoyed when Star Wars is called science fiction. It's not and, even though I enjoy it, it's not all that great.

Hey, I bought a new Boba Fett figurine a couple of days ago. I'm as Star Wars nerdy as the next guy.