Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another type of cell phone user

Another great type of cell phone user at the library is the person I like to call the Wanderer. The Wanderer takes a call and immediately stands up from wherever he is sitting (usually the open study area in the middle of the floor) and circumnavigates the library in search of a spot where he can talk without disturbing anyone. If he is sitting in the study area in the middle of the floor he heads to the fiction area where first he enters the reading room. He sees people reading magazines and newspapers there and then turns down into the stacks. In the stacks he sees people browsing for novels. They give him nasty looks so he heads back to the open study area. Once back there he ducks into one of the word processing cubicles and discover that is the loudest spot in the library. He then heads across the to nonfiction and has to stop short because we have a sign there that signifies that area as "The Quiet Area. No talking." Now he's boned, he's got nowhere else to go. He looks over at us at the reference desk and we give him the "you're in the library, there is no place to go talk on a cell privately." Then he does one of two things. He either tells whoever he is talking to that he is in the library or he goes downstairs and then outside.

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