Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another trip to the Farmer's Market

Today Chris M. joined us for a trip to the Farmers Market. Here he is with a bag of bread and meat gazing longingly at the Nova's Bakery booth.

I bought a bag of chicken legs and thighs from the Red Dirt Farm people again. I can't wait to grill that stuff out. I can't recommend the Red Dirt Farm chicken highly enough. They won't be back until July 19th so keep an eye out for them then if you head out there. I will probably grill the chicken tomorrow because tonight I am grilling up Polish sausage that I bought from the same vendor as last week. That stuff was good enough to sell in Maple City, MI. Believe.

Melanie saw a veggie last week that intrigued her. She talked to an Indian lady this week that told her how to prepare it. So she bought a couple. The veggie is called 'bitter melon' and it's the spiky veggie in the pictures below. She also bought some baby eggplant. You can see the two items below. We also got a bunch of tomatoes. Tomato sammiches for everybody!

Before we left with our goodies Chris wandered through the Greenery Shed in search of catnip which he did find and purchase. Here is Chris wandering.

After we got back home Chris and I pitched wiffle balls to each other and smacked them around the back yard with the plastic wiffle ball bat I bought a couple of days ago. I hit my first kong shot over the house today. I wish I had a picture of that mighty achievement. You should have seen that ball jump off the bat. I bet not even Jim Thome could have crushed a wiffle ball any harder than I did.

Finally found it

I've been looking for the picture below for years. I finally found in the Sports Illustrated Vault. I've mentioned The Vault here before. You can essentially read, for free, every issue of Sports Illustrated that's been printed since the magazine started. It's a gold mine. I read an article written on Johnny Bench during the spring training of his second season and it was revealing to read an article about a future legend written while he was essentially still a kid. I'm sure there are hundreds of similar articles like that in there to read. Think of you favorite sporting figure and search him out in The Vault and you will find something that will be worth a read.

This is a picture from 1995 of Kirk Gibson bowling over Kansas City Royals catcher, Pat Borders. I found a quote in the internet from Border about the collision:
"Kirk Gibson got me once and hit me so hard I hurt for three days. If you let me hit Gibson every day for a year, I’d still owe him for that one."

Kirk Gibson was one of my favorite players and this is one of my favorite baseball pictures. I hope Sports Illustrated doesn't mind if I include this screen capture from their website.

Here's a different angle that I found posted on some message board.

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