Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Podcast

Yesterday afternoon, while hanging out on the porch, I recorded a new podcast. If you have a hankering you can play it here. I recommend choosing download, not play. The play option on the website doesn't seem to work.

Melanie Saves a Turtle

Today we rode our bikes to the animal hospital to pick up some flea medication for the dog. The dog and all three cats got fleas and Wendell medicated the cats last night so Melanie thought she should do the same with the dog. On the way back we cut through Park Road Park and we came across a snapping turtle in the middle of the road. He didn't look well. I think he got halfway across and then the heat got to him and he was stuck.

Melanie approached him and started to pour some of her water on the pavement around him.

After a little bit of that he seemed to revive and then he started moving into the shaded area to the right and then truged on down into the swampy hole in the ground that used to house the park's pond.

Melanie is a friend to all turtles.


Kevie baby said...

Save the snails!

Lee said...

Yah, Melanie! Turtles rule.

Natalie said...

What a cute story!

Jim said...

You are, of course, welcome. I enjoyed it (and love to hear my name mentioned on the air).
And well done, Melanie. Very well done indeed.

Kevin said...

There was a show on NBC in the late 70's called "Man from Atlantis" (Patrick Duffy with gills). In one episode, he was locked up in a cell and got all weak because he was drying out. One of the bad guys thought he would be a jerk and hosed him down. His strength returned and he kicked their asses. That was cool. This story was sort of like that except nobody got their ass kicked and the turtle never starred on Dallas.