Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drive by Truckers

Shonna and Cooley from the Drive by Truckers
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Melanie and I went and saw the Drive by Truckers in beautiful Greenville, SC on Monday. It was an incredible show (I haven't seen an average DBT show). I took a bunch of pictures, especially after Mel found a nice close spot to the right of the stage. This picture is the favorite one of all I took that night.

We were really impressed by downtown Greenville. There were nice restaurants and shops all up and down Main St. Not only that, we saw what can only be called controlled development. There was a condominium development right outside of downtown tucked in along the river. The condos looked looked well made and fit in with the neighborhood. As a resident of Charlotte I always get jealous when I see a city practicing smart growth.

Mel also pointed out that I spelled "hallowed" incorrectly. I can't seem to change it because I used the 'blog this photo' option on Flickr.

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Kevin said...

But I bet the spot where the vault sits is pretty hollowed. Women think they know everything.