Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Dexateens

Regular scanners of this blog may have noticed that Melanie and I went to Greenville, SC last week to see the Drive by Truckers. We had a good time. Walked around downtown Greenville a bit, had a nice dinner, took a cab to the club and saw a great show. You know you are in for a good time when the opening band doesn't suck. Opening for DBT that day was a young band from, I think, Alabama called the Dexateens. We were sharing a room with a guy I met on the Drive by Truckers mailing list and he told us earlier the Dexateens reminded him of Creedence Clearwater Revival. We went inside the club when the Dexateens started and they were putting on a good rock and roll show. You know you are putting on a good show when several hundred people who are there to see the Drive by Truckers hoot and applaud when you finish a song. The band was really getting off on the crowd's enthusiasm and got better as their set went on. To me they didn't sound like CCR. I heard a little bit of the Neckbones but not as punky as the Neckbones and with less jumping around than the Neckbones but still, there was a similarity to me.

That night the band was handing out post cards with a link printed on them that directed you to the band's website where you could download their new album for free. I downloaded and we've played it a few times while having a beer on the back porch and it's growing on me. Since they are passing out their album for free I thought I would share a track. I present to you Enough of Nothing by the Dexateens.

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