Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogging in the sack

So, I am doing something I have never done before, blogging in bed. Melanie has a laptop and she is zonked out here next to me and I am laying here with the laptop on my knees. This is pretty cool except I still haven't adapted to the laptop keyboard and my left foot has fallen asleep. Not the whole foot, just the heel.

Today was an awesome day. I slept in to about 10 and we had a great breakfast, she had grits and sausage and I had eggs and hashbrowns. After some digesting and tea on the back porch we road our bikes to Park Road Park. The park was full of activity. All six softball fields were being used for little league games (with temporary fences and portable pitching mounds, the playground was full, and pickup basketball was being played. It was a little cloudy and temperature was stuck right at 72 degrees. Heavenly.

When we got back we relaxed a bit more on the back porch and then piled into my souped up '89 Honda Civic and tooled down to Lowe's. About two weeks ago our roomie Chris secured us a used gas grill that had been sitting at one of his company's offices. Since then it had been gathering dust in our shed and I decided that today it shall live again. It needed a new burner and a grate that goes beneath the grill. The parts cost about 45 dollars and were surprisingly easy to assemble. The grill fired up right away after Melanie reminded me to open the valve on the gas tank. Most things don't work out quite this well when it comes to 'some assembly required.' Grills start at $99 at Lowe's so we came out ahead and this grill should last us a couple of summers.

The One Big Loud Guy had told me earlier in the day to call him if we got the grill running and he'd swing by for a cookout. He came by, Chris arrived after work and Wendell got back from a funeral. The five of us each had our own grub. I had a fat ole cheeseburger; Loud Guy, Chris and Wendell had steak and Melanie had a tuna streak. We all got fat and happy and listened to music on the porch and had a few drinks. The Loud Guy had a Zombies concert he wanted us to hear and I played that. After that ended I shuffled and hour's worth of Beatles and then an hour of Drive By Truckers. DBT is perfect music for hanging out. There is a lot of variety in their output. After a couple of hours the Loud Guy took Wendell to the Fariview Grill on his way home and the rest of us went to bed. Good times.

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