Monday, February 04, 2008

Superduper Bowl

We had a nice little Super Bowl gathering last night even though Michael couldn't make it because his boy had an ear infection and Lajuan couldn't find the house and forgot to write down my phone number. Those of us that were at my place (and probably at yours) were treated to an incredible football game. I can't believe how well the Giants defense played. Each time I thought they were on their heels and the Patriots were mounting one of their charges they were stopped cold (those illegal motion calls didn't help either). Of course, what everyone is talking about today is that amazing play by Eli Manning and the receiver, Tyree. First Manning is all but sacked, gets away heaves a prayer to Tyree who catches the ball with one hand and his head. It's been a while since I hooted like that during the Super Bowl. Probably not since the Panthers played in one.

That pass from Manning to Tyree was such a great and miraculous play that is deserves a name like "The Immaculate Reception" or "The Catch." I'm going to call it "The Scramble." How about you?

If you haven't seen the play you can watch it below.

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Kevie Baby said...

How about "The Giant Pig-Head Play"?

What a great game! Man I loved seeing the Giants pull it off!