Friday, February 22, 2008

Me are old

So, here it is, February 22, 2008. Forty years ago today I was born. I don't really feel it since I started being tired all the time when I hit 30. I'm just wondering when I am going to go gray and bald so I can look really cool with my pony tail. I remember seeing the bass player for Molly Hatchet in the mid 90's with a bald top and gray long hair. He looked cool.

I spent the morning of my birthday at a local urgent care center to have an infection in my elbow looked. It started Wednesday night and it wasn't getting any better so Melanie and decided I should go see a doctor. The regular doctor was booked up so off to the Promed we went. I guess there are sacks in your elbows and the doctor thinks one burst. I've had some very dry skin on my elbows this winter and maybe applying all that lotion was too much for it. Hell if I know. All I know is I got a shot in the ass and some antibiotics and it's feeling better already. This is the second time in three months something weird has happened. Back in the fall I was stung by some fire ants and got a nasty rash all over my body. It scared the hell out of me but I was with friends and they were monitoring me. I guess as long as you can breathe you are OK.

Melanie bought me a few books for my birthday, a book of easy crossword puzzles, a book on Carolina oddities, a collection of Bukowski poems and a book of essays on atheism. I also received this item I purchased on eBay. I hope it's as fun as all the reviews say it is. Now I just need to get the four of us to sit down and play it.

Since I am feeling better we are going to go to the Comet Grill tonight and see Lenny Federal. I'm looking forward to it. Ever since we've moved into the house I think I've only been to the Comet Grill to see Lenny twice. It's hard to get out when you are so comfortable at home.

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Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Ed, now go out and knock somebody up so you can yell at teenagers when you are almost 60 like me. One of my kids csme from birthday sex.