Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow day?

I went to the Harris Teeter at lunch and I noticed that the cold rain is starting to turn to sleet. A couple more degrees in the negative and we'll have us a snow storm. I see from the current predictions at the website of the Charlotte Observer that it should start accumulating just in time to make my drive home adventurous.

Last night I made a huge mistake. I decided to drink whiskey and Coke instead a couple of beers. I had a few drinks and was feeling pretty good and didn't realize until I tried to go to sleep that whiskey keeps me awake. Did I know that already? I don't remember. I do know that when I was a young Marine having the time of his life on Okinawa I drank a lot of whiskey and stayed up 'til dawn more than once. I didn't stay up until the morning light last night but I did lay there awhile, wide awake and dreading how tired I was going to be at work.

Now, I back at the desk and it's still snowing but not accumulating. The help desk just sent out an email announcing that the library will be open its usual hours today. That means several people have called or emailed the help desk to see if the library was going to close early. Library employees can be such candy-asses sometimes. I can say that because I work about 1 mile from home and can walk there if I have to. Those of you that work 45 miles from home are the ones that are screwed.

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