Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our new neighbor, Crash
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The first neighbor we met at our new house was an extremely friendly black kitten named, according to his collar, Crash. He lives two houses down from us and his owner saw Crash walking among us and he hollered down, "I see you met Crash." I hollered back, "Yeah, he seems to be the neighborhood welcoming commitee." "Be careful," the owner said back, "He likes to climb inside cars." "Yeah," I said, "he's already been in my trunk." We both laughed.

Crash and Melanie's miniature dachshund have had a few spirited races around the yard. I've thrown Crash over the fence a couple of times to save him from Isaac but he keeps coming back. He's on his own now. He's younger and faster than Isaac and they both seem to enjoy their chases. Hopefully the chases won't evolve into captures.

This picture was taken through the kitchen window. He really wanted in but with three cats and a dog of our own he can go inside at his own house.

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