Monday, December 17, 2007

My job

I am the breakfast cook. It's no mystery as to how I became the breakfast cook. It's because I have to eat breakfast. I cannot begin my day without some sort of decent breakfast. If I do miss breakfast and show up to work hungry I am not fun to be around. I know people like my Dad who hardly ever eat breakfast. People like him just drink coffee until it's time to each lunch. I can't do, I won't do that. At the new house I make breakfast for Melanie and me.

Today I made gluten free pancakes. Melanie has an allergy to everything wheaty, dairy and beefy and eating together can be an adventure. In the morning I usually prepare a healthy portion of hash browns; add green pepper, tomato and onion; fry them up with some chicken sausage; give half of the result to Melanie; then scramble two eggs; add some grated cheddar cheese and eat the results of that concoction.

The gluten free pancakes were pretty good. They had a pleasing pancake taste and the only real difference I noticed was that they weren't as fluffy as the pancakes to which I am accustomed. Even the substitution of soy milk for cow milk didn't faze me. We added some chicken sausage for Mel and some eggs and sausage for me and we had a tasty little breakfast.

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Jim said...

I'm going to try that out. Any and all of that is good except I have to eat soy or veggie sausage and can't tolerate green pepper (or any other bell pepper). I am totally addicted to pork sausage, but my heart rules it out. Fortunately, I've been able to shift my addiction to fake sausage (Morning Star patties are the best I've found so far). I have to keep the potatoes to a minimum and am allowed only one omega-three egg a day. I generally let that back-up to the weekend, and have a normal Margie-cooked breakfast on Saturday and Sunday (omelet on Sunday). During the week I eat oatmeal and fruit. All the best people eat breakfast. It's a requirement for being a good person.