Sunday, December 09, 2007


I knew moving three households into this house was going to be challenging. I had no idea how much work this was going to be. We're getting there, though. The living room is set up and has surround sound ready to go. The downstairs den is also ready to go and it also has surround sound. I got my clothes unpacked but I have five boxes of CD's that I have absolutely no idea where to put. Right now they are stacked in my bedroom. I tried to give the CD's to Chris and then told him to get his CD's the hell out of my room but that didn't work.

How about a few pictures of the new place?
Here's a shot of the house from the backyard?

Here's a shot from the street.

Here we see Melanie doing proper women's work.

Yesterday afternoon, while listening to while listening to radio broadcast of the Panthers' most recent meltdown, I put up some Christmas lights. I was really enjoying working outside. I only wish we had a competitive football team so I could have had something worthwhile to listen to. I guess I should have turned the game off and listened to some tunes.

Saturday afternoon I hooked up some outdoor speakers to an extra receiver we had sitting around the house. Sitting on the back porch on a mild winter evening, sipping a Gaelic Ale by Highland Brewery and listening to you 100 most listened to songs set to shuffle on the Ipod is an ideal way to spend time.

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Jim said...

Melanie is lovely. Have I met her?