Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just received an email from some realtor that I must have given my email address to back when I thought my credit was good enough for me to buy a house. I noticed they sent the email to a lot of people and didn't bother to set it up so I couldn't see the email addresses of all those other people. Naturally I responded to all and mentioned a great website I had discovered. That website being this blog. It's an experiment. I am curious to see how many suckers actually click the link and come here. Probably none. I wouldn't. So far about 22 of the addresses have bounced back as undeliverable and a three people are out of their offices until after the Christmas holiday. If this is your first and, probably, last time here at least check out this cute picture of my cats.

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Jim said...

Excellent! Very well done. The rate of return, by the way, is about 3 per 100.