Thursday, December 13, 2007

The house thang

I've found that just doing at least one thing a day that improves the living conditions at the new house slowly moves us forward. Take this morning for example. This morning I placed all my Robert Heinlein books on the shelf in the order in which they were printed. I think everyone at the house will sleep better knowing that my Heinlein collection is in chronological order. I know I will.

Remember the new roommate that couldn't be bothered to box a damn thing before the moving day? Well, he's got two more days off before I have a six day Christmas break and if his crap is still piled in the laundry room by then I am going to make a Leaning Tower of Useless Shit on his bed next Friday. Know that.

I also found that I am short about six books from having a complete collection of his books. Time to go shopping., here I come.

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