Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey baby, whoa baby

This morning I was able to download the Led Zeppelin show from two nights ago. Some guy snuck in his recorder and I now have in my possession a listenable audience recording of the now famous show in London. I dumped it on my Ipod before I left for work and I was only able to hear about 2 1/2 songs. The band sounds as good as all the raving reviews say and the audience is literally screaming between songs.

I downloaded the show through a torrent site called Dime a Dozen. I was blown away by how popular the show is. Most good torrents that people go gaga over will generally have a bout two or three hundred traders seeding the show. For those of you that have not messed around with bit torrent, a seeder is someone that has the whole show on his hard drive and is sharing with those that are downloading. Instead of a couple of hundred seeders the Zeppelin show from two nights ago has three thousand seeders. That is an amazing number of seeders. I've never even seen one thousand before let alone three thousand.

With this show being so popular I can't help but admire Robert Plant's unwillingness to tour as Led Zeppelin. It's obvious that Jimmy Page is dying to take the dinosaur out and walk it around the world once or twice but Plant has his own thing going. I will say this though, I've seen Plant play Zeppelin songs with his band Strange Sensation and what they present is very good. I notice they mess with the songs, give them more of an eastern feel and they do attempt to rock them out...and they do. Nothing that Strange Sensation and Plant do together can touch what he and Page present. I know this is nothing new, Page and Plant, Lennon and McCartney, Meg and Jack, sometimes two people just bring out the magic in each other. The whole sum is greater than the parts thing that happens in all great bands.

Even if they do decided to set out on a North American tour and they come to Charlotte I am not sure if I will go. Decent seats are going to cost at least $100 and I ain't paying $100 to see anybody. There are plenty of other people that will, I'll just wait for the bootlegs and hope they shuffle their set list and do some jamming.

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