Monday, December 03, 2007

Big Hit

One of my favorite bits that David Letterman did back in the 80's was dropping things off a five story tower. I found the following Youtube video where he has his employees drop a safe onto a car. Now, that's good television.

What the?

I love the public. This lady just spent the last 30 minutes trying to recover her Yahoo email password. I was helping her and she couldn't remember what answer she had given to the secret question. I told her if she didn't know that answer I had no way to recover her password. She decided to use the Yahoo help system and, in doing so, logged in with her Yahoo ID, the password of which she had written down in a notebook. I never thought to ask her "You do know your Yahoo ID is tied into your Yahoo email account, right?" The public offers me a new challenge every day.

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Snow said...

I had a lady the other day who asked for help attaching her resume as a file. When I asked her where she had her filed saved (such as a disc), she handed me the paper copy of the resume.