Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm standing in your backyard, selling your home

This morning was really cool. I went for a nice long walk and relaxed for a bit and then as I was leaving for work I saw a tent sent up in my backyard and some guy in a white shirt doing all he could to ensure he eventually runs off every current resident of Colonial Park Apartments. Yes, the forward march of progress continues with the transformation of Colonial Park to Selwyn Commons.

This is taken from my kitchen. The guy running us all off is on the left selling his ass off.

Check out his form! How could you not by an overpriced condo from this man?

Here is a more distant shot so you can see how they spared no expense for today's open house.

Remember how one of my favorite aspects of living at Colonial Park was the grove of trees that bordered my backyard. Those building the condos next door are raping the shit out of the trees.

Good times

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Jim said...

This should be published where more people can see it.
For what it might be worth, anyway. Pretty much the way of the world -- or at least America -- these days.