Thursday, November 01, 2007


Gee, I bet you are getting tired of of this blog since most of the posts are political in nature. And by politics I mean calling our president an asshole and trying to convince the world that Giuliani would be worse. Ten people a day come to this blog and I'm pretty sure I am preaching to the choir for the most part. The people that really need to be reached are sitting at home watching Fox "News" and CNN. They ain't reading this blog.

News type stuff

I assume many of you know that the apartment complex I live in is being sold to be turned into condos. So we is outta here. For the first time in 11 years I am moving. Technically, Wendell and I moved last winter but we only moved into the building next door so I don't really count it. This time, though, we are moving about one mile away and we are moving into a house. It is a four bedroom house and four of us are moving in. They are Wendell (who didn't really believe the place was being sold until he saw an article in the Charlotte Observer about the sale even though the property manager refused to give us a new lease, surveyors came through and a sign was posted at the entrance advertising the presale of condos. Some people need real proof, I guess), Chris B. (also known as "the Chris that says 'fuck' all the time) and Melanie. Melanie and I will be sharing a room because we are a couple and decided to see if we can create a life together. I hope you weren't drinking something when you read that. Send the cleaning bill to me. She's an awesome chick. She taught me how to enjoy hummus.

We are moving on December 1st and we are condensing three households into one. Chris and Mel are a little worried about the move but those two don't really have all that much stuff. They both live in single bedroom apartments and neither one of them is a packrat. The trouble is going to come when we try to find a place for all of Wendell's shit. He's like a turtle and not only carries his house on his back but enough stuff to pretty much fill a house. This next month is going to rock.

Halo 3

Yup, still playing Halo 3. Check out this screenshot. You can see me in the background to the lower left with a rocket launcher on my shoulder. I am moving right to left, a prisoner of inertia after entering a elevator that launches you across the map. You can see the trail of smoke that starts at the spot I shot a rocket. In the bottom right corner you can see the two opponents I just blew the hell up. I dig Halo, man.

I case you are wondering in the ranked multiplayer games I have played I have racked up 1383 kills. I have died 1442 times. That is a kill/death ratio of .96 Also 27.5% of my kills have come by using the assault rifle and 23.5% have come by using the melee or "beat down" attack. Those two method are far and away the top two ways I whack people at Halo. Coming in at a distant third is the grenade attack: 9.1%

My absolute favorite way to kill people is with the shoulder mounted laser and I have used it .87% of the time. I love the laser but it's hard to use. It takes about four seconds to charge up and as soon as it hits full charge it shoots. It's challenging to find the right spot to use the laser because you are vulnerable to attack as it charges up. Once you get it charged up and you have the sight on some poor sucker it is one shot, one kill. It's a thing of beauty.

There, that was more of an old skool Ed type of post. Sorry for all the Bush stuff but the lying son of a bitch pisses me off to no end.

The new gay stereotype

This comic killed me.

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That IS hilarious. Watch out for that "wide stance" in the stall . . .