Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Goodnight, sweet PC

So, last night my plan was to clean up my room a bit, work on some freelance research, read and go to bed. I spent the first 45 minutes of that time trying to get my computer to work. Once the bios stopped coming up and I smelled something burning I quit. I think the mother board may be literally fried. No big deal, really. It was an inherited computer and I've been using it for several years now. Time for a new one anyway. Wendell's computer is in the front room so I can use that one when I need to checks my emails.

I did clean my room up, did do some reading, didn't work on any of the research. Ah well, I don't have much left to do anyway. I think. I'm new at this freelance stuff. But I'm enjoying it. Sifting through the vertical files and the Charlotte Observer archives at the Main Library is fun. Hands on history.

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