Monday, November 05, 2007

Good sports watching

Yesterday, like the rest of the country, I watched the Patriots play the Colts in a professional football game. Unlike many alleged big football games this one was actually worth watching. It was one of those games that no one in the world could predict what would happen and the outcome of the game hinged on a few key plays. Essentially you had two excellent teams that you just couldn't allow to have too many chances to beat you. Because they will beat you. This time it was the Patriots, led by Brady that came out on top. The next time these two teams meet it could go either way again. It was just a couple of hours of good, hard hitting football. The exact opposite of my style of play when I roamed this field.

Rockingham and Arca

I saw today that ARCA has officially announced that they will be racing at Rockingham this coming May. Not only will they be racing there they will be running a 500 mile race and it will bear the name of the original NASCAR race that ran at "The Rock" back in the day, The Carolina 500. I'm going. Who wants to go?

That track has always been special to me. The spring race there back in 1992 was the last thing my Stepdad and I did together before he died. I want to go back and see people turn left at Rockingham again.

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