Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Thanks for your money over all these years now get the hell out."

It turns out that the realtor that is selling my home out from under me now has a website with information on what they plan on doing to Colonial Park Apartments once it becomes Selwyn Commons.

Honestly, I think they are dreaming if they think they can sell these units starting at $140,000. Sure, they are close to Southpark but they aren't all that big and I don't know where they think they can squeeze washer/dryer units into these things and still have a water heater. I'm fixing to move out soon and I hope whoever is sinking money into this gets burned and the owner of the property is left with a bunch of apartments without tenants. I really like living where I do and having to pick up and move just so some faceless owner and investors, that can't be bothered to communicate to the current tenants, can make a profit is just depressing.

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Jim said...

As you know, you have my complete empathy.
Where will you move?