Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm amazed I still get hits on this here blog. I ain't been posting much of anything lately.

A few updates. I was in Michigan from September 10th until the 21st. I had a very good time. It was the third time I had been up there since late April. I've burned a lot of vacation time this spring and summer. I am sitting at 33 hours. That's the least amount of vacation time I have had saved up in a very long time. I am usually floating at way over 100 hours.


I see Rockingham was purchased by Andy Hillenburg and he is going to set up a driving school there and attempt to have a race there. It'll be a race by a smaller series but if there is a race there I will go. I wonder if a track that big could host some kind of weekly or monthly racing series? Probably not, it's too big and fast for local drivers to drive on. It would probably cost too much.

Bison Burgers

This last weekend Melanie and I had our first bison burgers. Ground bison meat is sold at Earth Fare(my newest nominee for happiest place on Earth). Mel can't eat beef because of her allergies and this it was the first burger she has had in months. She was in heaven. Personally I thought the bison meat was delicious. It was leaner than beef and had a more robust flavor. Because it was so lean, the half pound burger didn't sit in my gut like a brick. Honestly, the next time I decide to grill out I am going to buy ground bison if I have a hankering for a burger. It's pricier that ground beef at $6.99 a pound but that is still not a bad price. You pay more than seven dollars a for two burgers at dadgum Wendy's.

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