Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Air Travel Blows

After arriving at the Charlotte airport around 11:15 and being asked to deplane my flight that was scheduled to depart at 12:49 due to to electrical problems I finally lifted off at 7:39 pm. I arrived at my final destinatin, Traverse City, MI, at 11:45 pm. Good times. You can see a picture of the plane that couldn't fly here. I am going to try and use Flickr to store all my vacation photographs and you can view them here if you are so inclined.


Kevin said...

they always blame Avionics when the plane goes down.

umm said...

I'm surprized they let you on the plane, you look like a wildman.
I saw the guy who does the voice of Brock Sampson on Seinfeld the other day... Enjoy your trip!