Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For the prospective buyer

Those of you looking to purchase a condo at Selwyn Commons, which is still called Colonial Park Apartments for now, here is a link to a few photos so you can view some of the people you will be assisting in driving from their homes.

Click here to see those that will soon be looking for a new home.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hit the road, jack

This summer a rumor started circulating among the residents of Colonial Park Apartments, the complex on Park Road where I live. The rumor was that the complex was going to be sold and then converted into condos. After a couple of weeks of this I called the property manager, a person I have known for over ten years, and asked her if I could sign a new lease. You know, testing the waters. She told me they were not currently signing new leases. I asked her if I should start looking for a place to live. She said she didn't think so. I gathered from that exchange that the place was on the market but she didn't think it would sell. Low and behold, this morning when I pull out of my home to go to work I notice that the sign that says "Colonial Park Apartments" had been knocked down and replaced by a sign that says "Selwyn Commons. Condominium starting at the 140's." I guess that shows you how heartless business is. Live somewhere ten years, get to know people and how do they tell you that they are selling your home? By posting a sign at the entrance.

On a lighter note

I can't begin to tell you how awesome Halo 3 is. I got home last night around 12:30 after purchasing the game at the midnight sale at Gamestop and didn't stop playing multiplayer until 4:30 am. My favorite new addition to the game? The theater. The software automatically records every multiplayer game you play and saves the last 25. You can view the game from almost any camera angle you choose. You can free roam the camera or follow a particular player. Not only that but you can save snippets of games and upload them to the software developer's website so others can watch you owning people.

Oh yeah, and they also tweaked the energy swords. Now the kill just doesn't go to the first guy to pull the trigger. Now it goes to the first guy to pull trigger while his opponent is not attacking him. Now even if you are slightly off but pull the trigger you and your opponent hurt each other and bounce off. The first one to recover and locate his opponent usually wins the bout. Nicely done.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Me on a horse

Don't I look comfortable?

Another one.

And another one.

In the News

Have you heard that O.J. Simpson was a arrested recently?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lake Michigan

It sure is purty.

Here's my Mom and her dog, Ziggy, standing on the shore.

Another shot of Mom and her dog.
Iraq and Iran

Once again Patrick Lang makes more sense that most anybody else

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Air Travel Blows

After arriving at the Charlotte airport around 11:15 and being asked to deplane my flight that was scheduled to depart at 12:49 due to to electrical problems I finally lifted off at 7:39 pm. I arrived at my final destinatin, Traverse City, MI, at 11:45 pm. Good times. You can see a picture of the plane that couldn't fly here. I am going to try and use Flickr to store all my vacation photographs and you can view them here if you are so inclined.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Sticky Mouse Traps are Inhumane

Today I took a call from one of the childrens people. She told me there was a mouse in the kitchen between the two meeting rooms that needed to be disposed of. I figured I could handle that. What I didn't know was that the trap the mouse was caught in was one of those sticky traps. I had never dealt with one of these before. I remember, as a child, seeing a dead mouse caught in one of the classic snapping mouse traps. It was pretty gruesome but it looked like he died in fairly quickly.

Today I see the mouse stuck on the glue trap. The first thing I notice is that he has shat all over it. I also saw mouse fur that had been ripped from its body as he rolled on while trying to free himself. Then I saw him shiver. "Holy crap!" I said. "He's still alive."

"He is?" said Cathy. "Oh god."

I knelt down for a closer look and saw that his tail was stuck to the trap while one of his back legs and one of his forepaws were stuck. His limbs were twisted from his overnight struggles. I lifted the little fella's cardboard glue-covered tortured chamber into a plastic grocery bag and took him outside. I felt horrible and thought maybe I could get him off. I tried to pry his limbs off with a stick and his screams made me stop. I tied off the bag and put him next to a dumpster. Should I go out there and crush him with a brick or let him die his own agonized death?

Mens bathroom antics

A blogger visits the bathroom Senator Craig got busted in and takes a picture . Hilarious.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Countdown

It is now less than six hours until football season begins. Go Panthers. At least go above .500
Gods and Dinosaurs

Got a creationist in your life that is getting you down? Hey, send his to this site. It has all the answers.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Press VS. Al Gore

Wow, I found this story to be shocking. If I hear another conservative whine about the liberal media I am going to take my print out of this story and force him to eat it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I think I'll go Saturday

The Charlotte Film Festival starts in two days. I think I am going to go see the documentary about the guys that went to the moon.