Thursday, August 02, 2007

Television Tip

This actually sounds promising. Starting this Saturday, ABC is going to air adaptions of original science fiction short stories. It's called Masters of Science Fiction. Any series that is going to attempt the filming of short stories by John Kessel, Robert Heinlein and Harlan Ellison is definately going to be worth a shot. If you are sitting on your ass near a television this Saturday at 8 pm, give the show a look.

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Jim said...

Actually, 10 pm. It was worth the shot, even though I almost wore out the mute button on commercial clusters every ten minutes. Hideous stuff, as usual. It has been years since I sat through a program on ABC, CBS, or NBC -- and that is why. I seem to have become, in their relative absence, even more enraged by commercials. They have always affronted me on a profoundly fundamental level. I despise them and the evil and mindless clip-art world they successfully impose upon Western society. It is useless and inaccurate to say that they don't work (see at least the early part of Gore's "Assault on Reason," or
the old "Subliminal Seduction"). As much as I admire and enjoy Stephen Colbert, it is almost impossible to endure an hour's worth of commercials to get him AND Jon Stewart -- and I simply don't miss Stewart if I can help it.
Anyway, the story was good enough last night (what was it? Maybe 35 minutes long?) to endure those silent abominations. The downside is that you still have to watch that shit in order not to miss any of the story. The story, though predictable, was certainly good enough for that (who wrote that one, Ed?). It was used, of course, as a vehicle to advertise, among too much other shit, the network's execrable upcoming season.