Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Hate Banks

Not only is "I hate banks" the name of a Mojo Nixon song, today it is my mantra. Remember those halcyon days of five years ago when you could take a check cut by, let's say, a client of Bank of America and take that check to a branch of Bank of America and they would cash it for no charge even if you didn't have an account with Bank of America? Since a customer of theirs cut the check they honored that check, for no charge. Not anymore, baby. Today before work I took a refund check from an insurance company, that has an account with Bank of America, to a branch of Bank of America. I was told by the teller that she would have to charge me five American dollars because I was not a Bank of America customer. Pretty chintzy if you ask me. According to the teller (I asked her about the policy, politely. I did not want to be one of those assholes that employees talk about in the break room) Wachovia started this bullshit practice first and Bank of America followed. I tell you what, if I had a small business and found out my bank was charging my customers a fee to cash checks that I had written, even though as a customer I am paying goddamn bank fees, I would not be a customer of that bank for long. Bank of America is a multimillion dollar corporation but they are so strapped for cash that they need my five dollars? I hate banks.

The best part was when the teller asked my why I didn't have an account with a bank instead of my credit union and I answered, "because of silly fees like this." I should also state that the teller decided to wave the five dollar fee after our discussion. She said she was treating me as a customer today and then gave me an application form and then said she hoped her great customer service would entice me open an account. Not likely but I did appreciate her gesture. I'm pretty sure I didn't look hungry and homeless this morning.

On a lighter note

International Space Station as seen from the space shuttle.

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