Monday, August 13, 2007

I got made hits like I was Rod Carew

Today at lunch I was listening to Paul's Boutique and Ill Communication by the Beastie Boys. It's funny with albums like those two that when you listen to them again after a long time that you finally appreciate how incredible they are. It's not like I didn't love the albums before and play the hell out of them but when you distance yourself from a piece of music and go back to it I think you can see more the genius of it since it's not part of your everyday life anymore. You hear it again and think, "Shit, that was a great album, wasn't it."

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Kevin said...

You speak the gospel brother. I listened to Ill Communication when it was new and a couple weeks ago I ripped it to my keychain (memory stick on my keychain) I got into it all over again.
It's also oldschool the way you call them albums- I do that too, the youngsters ask what an album is.