Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Bridge

I'm sure everyone has seen CNN's 24 hour coverage of the collapsed bridge in Minneapolis. Did you see that President Bush visited the disaster site today? I heard that he told reporters that the bridge that collapsed did so because "it hates our freedoms."


Kevin said...

Our president makes Yogi Berra look like a Rhodes Scholor.

Kevin again said...

I went out looking for that quote. I did not find it, but I found a video clip on MSNBC where he said something almost as moronic. Someting about what a great country we have where people's instinct is to go to a bus filled with screaming children. He also mentions that we gots us a lot of red tape in government. I stand by my first statement, in fact I wish I could think of somebody who has said more dumb shit than Yogi Berra, maybe Dan Quayle.