Thursday, August 09, 2007

Barry Bonds

I received an email yesterday asking me what I thought of Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's record. I wrote him back and let him know that I thought that Barry Bonds had ruined what should be the greatest sports achievement of my adulthood. I think my attitude toward this travesty (not all Bonds' fault) is best summed up by this Onion article sent to me by an old friend.

I just don't know when utter bullshit became so accepted in our world. You got Barry Bonds lying his ass off saying the record is not tainted. A functional retard or the biggest liar in the world is the lead law enforcement official in our country. You got pundits out there that are more concerned with discrediting Al Gore than protecting the planet they live on. You got millionaires posing as liberal presidential candidates.

I'm probably over reacting. We've been lying to each other for a long time. Heck, I'm kind of a dickhead asshole myself (just ask the old friend that sent me the Onion link). If this propensity wasn't built into us the Bill Clintons and George Bushes of the world wouldn't be filthy rich and in power. I still say our only hope is that someone like this guy gets us off this planet before we hit the point of no return politically or ecologically. It has to happen because no one in power is addressing real issues. It's either escape or go down shooting.

And, yes, I am feeling OK.

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