Sunday, July 01, 2007

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The last weekend of every July I go camping in the mountains. The reason I go is the Rhododendron Festival I have mentioned dozens of times over the years. I always meet new and interesting people up there and last year I met a guy who was a huge, huge fan of Guy Clark. I was familiar with Guy Clark but hadn't really gone out of my way to hear any of his albums from start to finish. A few months ago I purchased a CD that has his first two albums.

The one song that really has stood out to me is Desperados Waiting for a Train. It's the story about the relationship between and young an old man. It's a tribute to an old, long gone friend. It's a song my step Dad (an admirer of old men) would have loved. It's a song I played while driving north for my Grandfather's funeral that I almost had to turn off. I have never heard another song that even approaches this song in how it portrays the way a younger man feels about an older mentor, that first person that treats him like one of the guys and not some stupid kid.

I present Desperados Waiting for a Train by Guy Clark off his first album called Old No. 1. It came out in 1975.

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