Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More on 'roids

You know things are getting out of hand when Jesse Jackson gets involved. If you didn't think this was a big media event, Jackson's participation should convince you otherwise.

As far as Kevin's response yesterday, I personally think that no matter what Bonds does the home run record belongs to Hank Aaron until Alex Rodriguez or Pujols break it. The record for home runs in a season is 61, any season in the 'roid era where a player broke 61 is disregarded. Simple as that. Set the record books back to 1997 and prepare to accept a drop in attendance for a few years. The fans will come back, baseball has survived in spite of the best efforts of the owners to destroy the game for the last 100 years.

We all may be complicit in this travesty but that doesn't mean baseball can't, for once, do the right thing and reset the home run record book. The career home run record is the most important record in sports and for that reason alone action should be taken concerning Bonds and Mcguire and Sosa.

I give you this set of statistics to show you why Bonds is a cheater. Here is the ranking of home runs in a season hit by a player the year he hit 36 years old. The top two? An admitted 'roid user and Bonds. Why is there even a debate about this?

Home Runs
Rank Player HR Year
1. Barry Bonds 73 2001
2. Rafael Palmeiro 47 2001
3. Babe Ruth 46 1931
4. Andres Galarraga 41 1997
5. Reggie Jackson 39 1982
6. Hank Aaron 38 1970
7. Mike Schmidt 37 1986
8. Vinny Castilla 35 2004
Gary Gaetti 35 1995
10. Gary Sheffield 34 2005

These statistics courtesy of Baseball Reference (A dandy site if you like baseball stats even a little bit).

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Kevin said...

I would participate in your survey if you had a selection like. "A jerk who took the easy path to success by defiling his body, he will probably spend his final days the same way Lyle Alzado did." I think all those things are true but he is no different than the other "athletes" that cheat.