Monday, July 09, 2007


Sometime Friday night I came across a showing of Lethal Weapon. I hadn't seen the movie in several years and after a few minutes I realized what a piece of shit it is. I admit I had been out to the Comet Grill that evening and I had had more than a few beers before I even got to the Comet Grill. I'm still pretty convinced that what I was watching on the screen was nothing but a warm turd sammich.

I don't know how I missed how glorified the violence is in that movie. I also am not sure if I would have been so aware of the fetish-like enjoyment of violence that you see in it if Gibson hadn't made that bloody Jesus movie and Southpark hadn't made its responding episode.

I think my favorite moment in that movie is the faux family ending. After these two just spent the last two hours punching and shooting their way through L.A. only pausing long enough to get tortured they then meet for a family Christmas dinner. I guess that is what passes for the proper remembrance of Jesus. You kill a lot of folks but your OK if you pause long enough to honor the invisible man in the sky.

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