Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Holy Underwear

So, I guess you've heard about the study that announced Al-Qaeda is stronger now than it was a few years ago. My question is, if this is the most important struggle of our lifetime why has our retarded president allowed this to happen? Do you suppose it has anything at all to do with his misadventure in Iraq? Of course it does.

If you want to hear how desperate the administration is check out the dance Frances Townsend does on NPR. I love the reasoning here. It doesn't matter how badly Iraq was botched because whatever the U.S. was attempting to do internationally Al-Qaeda would be there trying to sabotage it. What I am hearing here is that it's been good for America that we have a president willing to create a quagmire in Iraq because it gives us a place to directly combat Al-Qaeda. If we had gone in there and done a good job then Al-Qaeda would have been forced to come to our shores. They can't do that now because they have Americans to kill in Iraq. President Bush's bungling of this war has saved American lives.

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