Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Ending

So, like every other person in America that subscribes to HBO I watched the last Soprano's episode last night. I understand the ending has some people talking. Personally I think the ending, though disappointing in a way, made a statement. It was obvious to everyone that has seen more than two episodes that the pace of the final scene was an obvious attempt to get the viewer to believe Tony was about to get whacked. What they were really doing was showing the paranoia that someone in Tony's position experiences everyday. I think this scene shows why the character is in therapy, the episode had a life-like finality to it. Whatever happened here would be the last statement on the series and I was feeling it. I was feeling that Tony and members of his family could be murdered at any second. They could die. Just like any of us could die each time we step outside the door of our home or a plane takes off at the airport a mile away. The scene was tense and we expected something, Tony may even have been suspicious of the man that went into the bathroom. I was. But nothing happened like most similar situations in Tony Soprano's life. But we really felt it this time. It was as successful of and ending you could expect from a long running series.

There is a good write up about the final episode here.

Colin Powell raises his head and sees reality

Thank god, maybe this will help more people realize how crazy Bush and his cronies are. I still can't believe he even bothered to work with these jackoffs.

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