Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MP3 Blog

I haven't posted in a while. I do have a song set up and ready to go so I'll MP3 blog today. I am posting John Lennon's song "Scared." I have always loved the honesty in John Lennon's music. From the autobiographical "Ballad of John and Yoko" "Julia" to the open nerved confession of "Cold Turkey" to vindictive "Sexy Sadie" and "How do you Sleep."

This song is off his album "Walls and Bridges" which he made during his 'lost weekend' in California. It has the usual multitracking of the vocals that is used in his seventies solo stuff and has that unnecessary wolf howl at the beginning but it's still a masterpiece.

The honesty is what I love about this song. It's just a guy admitting that life is scary and that he suffers from hate and jealously just like everyone else. To me that is the essence of everything John Lennon did musically. No fake orgasms.

I present to you John Lennon's "Scared".

Drudge, Still a prick

In case you were wondering, yes, Matt Druge is still a prick. According to the website of the NOAA this last April was .3 degrees cooler than average. What headline does Drudge use to link to this story: "WARMING ON HOLD? April's temperatures were below average..." I really don't understand why people like him are so unconcerned about this. Don't they live on the same planet the rest of us do?

On his way to heaven

I'm sure you've seen that Jerry Falwell died yesterday. I am also sure if he was alive he would find a way to blame his collapse yesterday on the secularists and lesbians. Alas, he is sitting at the left hand of God and will be unable to issue a hate-filled statement at this time.

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