Sunday, April 15, 2007

More MP3 Blogging

I probably enjoy this more than I should but I do love posting MP3's on this blog. It's fun. I hope a couple of you listen to these songs. Today I am posting Johnny Cash's version of Long Black Veil. I came across this song on one of two cassette tapes of that I borrowed for life from my grandmother. I still feel a little guilty about that. She let me keep the tapes when I got attached to them. One of the cassettes was a collection of his Sun singles and the other was a greatest hits type of album. I don't remember which one because there have been a buttload of Johnny Cash collections.

Often Johnny Cash attempted to record someone else's song and it just didn't seem to fit. But when he nailed a cover it could sound like the song was his or had been written with him in mind. Songs like I See a Darkness and Rusty Cage on his American Records albums come to mind. In that group you can include this little heard gem from the album "Orange Blossom Special." Check out that beautiful long backing vocal that seems to disappear into the air and near the end when Cash moans "Nobody knows." If you aren't ready it will give you chills. I think that is what I have always liked about Cash: true emotion. Whether it's his own song, a Kris Kristofferson song or a gospel song he attempts to give a pure reading.

I give you Long Black Veil.

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