Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yesterday I heard an interview with Tom Delay on Morning Edition. At one point in the interview he refers to his political opponents as 'enemies.' I think that displays quite nicely the reason these far right people are dangerous. Hey douche, your political opponents are not your enemies.

Speaking of slime bag conservatives...

I have really enjoyed the recent attempts by Drudge to discredit Al Gore and his crusade to bring awareness of global warming to the world. You have to wonder about a political movement that is more concerned about bringing down one man than the planet they occupy and their descendants will occupy. Turns out scientists that have a problem with Al Gore disagree with how he presents his argument, not the overall science. But I'm sure you can see where it's more important to discredit Al Gore than it is to ensure our planet remains inhabitable.

Fox "News" still blows ass

I can't watch Fox News for more than five minutes before I start considering driving to Wal Mart, buying a shotgun and using it to blow my brains out but I do force my self to watch utter crap like this now and then. It's necessary to know what those jokers are up to. Notice how the talking head from Morning Star attempts to talk about a real issue and just gets blown off.


mesablue said...

Hey Ed,

You stopped by my blog and since I'm not sure that you'll ever come back to see my response -- I'll copy it here.

I appreciate your candor.


I hope you are correct. It’s just that this is what is thrown in my face day after day. I live in an area where as a Republican (not a social con, very much a national con) I am very much in the minority. Every day I talk to people that are as or more extreme than what is shown here. There is no middle ground. I try to have conversations and I get beat over the head with how stupid and brainwashed I must be to not accept the extreme left view in all things.

I’m not embarrassed by Bush. I know what I’m getting with him. He doesn’t change from day to day depending on which way the wind blows. I’m not completely proud, either. But, I am a realist. He is our president. I’ll support him until the next election.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment as much as you want in the future. I’m not looking to have an echo chamber here. It’s just my little place in the blogoshpere and all are welcome.

mesablue said...

Hell, I'll even blogroll you if you'll do the same.

True discourse is awesome.

Liked your post about noir. I'm a afficianado.

mesablue said...

Cept, I can't spell.