Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bar dialogue

Barry: Chris, what's that symbol on your shirt mean?

Chris: Nautica.

Barry: Yeah? It should be, "Attica."

Damn you, Wikipedia!

Maybe you've already heard about this but it turns out a site was created as an alternative to Wikipedia because, among other reasons, "The entry for the Renaissance in Wikipedia refuses to give enough credit to Christianity."

I am officially sick to death of this stance by right wing jack offs that their ridiculous beliefs deserve equal time with legitimate science. You're wrong and you're a bigot so get the fuck off my television and quit writing letters to the newspaper and quit creating websites and museums that portray your fucking beliefs as facts. I know that dying is scary and your cult helps you get over that hump by promising you a chance to sit on god's lap while he rubs your nuts to a nice golden glow but why must the rest of us have to fight your insanity?


Anonymous said...

"while he rubs your nuts to a nice golden glow"

Damn, that sentence right there is making me think about converting to Christianity.

Anonymous said...

i just came over from scalzi's joint to help your new counter.

Ooooh. pimpy goodness