Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Revolt in 2100 and revolting 2007 politicians

I am currently listening to "Revolt in 2100" by Robert Heinlein on my Ipod as I drive around and go for morning walks. I came across a passage today that reminded me of Dick Cheney and his wimpy-ass reasons for not going to Vietnam followed by his gleeful support of war as a tool of foreign policy.

"...the man who buys the meat is brother to the butcher. It was squeamishness, not morals...like the man who favors capital punishment but is himself too "good" to fit the noose or swing the axe. Like the person who regards war as inevitable and in some circumstances moral, but who avoids military service because he doesn't like the thought of killing.

Ethical infants, eithical morons - the left hand must know what the right hand doeth and the heart is responsible for both." (Page 52 of the Signet paperback version of this book)

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