Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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One of my favorite singer/songwriters is Mojo Nixon. Oh sure, you're saying, "Ed, Mojo Nixon? Singer/songwriter?" Yes, he sings and he writes songs. He's not in a band and when he tours it's all about him. That is the definition of singer/songwriter to me. Most people think Mojo is the guy who wrote the immortal song "Elvis is Everywhere." They are correct but there's more to Mojo than just that craziness. He has written quite a few songs that are just meant to entertain and/or gross you out but he does have a serious side and I like when he shows that side of himself. The following song is from an album he did with Jello Biafra called "Prairie Home Invasion." This song is called "Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster" and it's about this terrible event.

Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster by Mojo Nixon

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