Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lie here and shake for a while

A few of the best shows I saw in Charlotte in the early 90's were by the local band called Me and Emma. I saw them a few times at the Milestone and what I remember most vividly are the lights being turned way down, a long haired lead singer snarling his lyrics and a mesmerizing power trio pushing a wall of sound over onto the crowd. What I liked about Me and Emma, what really grabbed me, was the intensity and desperation of the singing and playing without the normal macho agressive stance.

I remember singer and guitar player, Tim MacLean had two guitars with him one night. One was much more beat up than the other. After he slammed the older guitar off the wall behind the stage of club I began to refer to that older guitar as his "throwin' guitar."

I also remember eventually that Tom Montefusco played with Me and Emma a couple times as a second guitarist. Those shows were played with the lights on at the Milestone, a little less chaos but with a much tighter band. Those were special shows.

The MP3 I link to below is the song Shake by Me and Emma. It's off a release called "Muthahutch" that came out in 1992. This song features an very intense ending. It's one of my favorite song endings and puts a perfect exclamation point on the song. It's not even like the song ends, it's more like the narrator just wants the listener to go the fuck away.

For more information on this band you can visit the website of the singer, Tim Maclean. You can also download Me and Emma songs and, if you explore the site a little further, you can download recent material that Tim has recorded.

Me and Emma Shake

Also, I took one of my favorite live photographs at a Me and Emma show at the Milestone around 1993 or 1994. I know I've shown this picture to a lot of people but I'll share it one more time.

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