Monday, February 12, 2007


Over the weekend I went to the Comet Grill on Friday and saw Lenny. I saw someone there I didn't expect to see and it was not nearly as awkward as I thought it might be. I reckon that's a good thing? No? Yes? Maybe?

Saturday was the Budweiser Clash at Daytona. It was a decent restrictor plate race with a great pass by Tony Stewart near the end. Typically of restrictor plate races when the first of the fastest three or four cars gets into the lead near the end that car usually wins, Tony Stewart won easily after he air bumped Busch out of the way. It was a heck of a lot better than the wreck fest that was the ARCA race earlier in the day.

Sunday was an exeptionally lazy day until the evening when I did dishes, made a nice dinner and watched "Flags of our Fathers" with a couple of buddies. It's an impressive unconventional war movie that plays out a bit like "Unforgiven." I don't know if I would call it an antiwar movie but it is a movie that sure as hell doesn't let you forget that sending men into a war, if it does not kill or mutilate them physically, will at the very least alter them mentally for the rest of their lives.

Saturday I finished up "You suck" by Christopher Moore. It is a sequel to the book "Bloodsucking Fiends." Like most of his books, it really pushes the envelope between farce and story. What keeps me going in his books when the plot goes a little into left field are his characters. He creates a teenage character named Abby in this book and some of the later chapters are excerpts from her personal diary and those chapters feature some of the funniest writing in the book. I still need to read "Lamb." I am going to put it on hold today. Funniest line from the book: "Well, you look like 300 pounds of cat vomit poured into a cheap suit." That's not an exact quote but close enough.

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David said...

Although I did love the new Moore book, somehow I feel he lost a little of his edge. Normally I laugh out loud and often while reading Moore. But mostly I snickered with "You