Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More MP3 goodness

One of my favorite artists while growing up was Bill Cosby. If you've been reading this blog over the last 37 years that should come as no surprise. I've mentioned Bill more than once here. I figured I would share one of my favorite short Bill Cosby bits. This one is called Go Karts and it's off his album called Wonderfulness. Wonderfulness is a great comedy album. It has two famous and classic routines on it, Tonsils and Chicken Heart. Both are very long so Go Karts is a nice introduction to the sixties Cosby. This track has all my favorite aspects of Cosby's standup: childhood, storytelling and amazing sound effects that create a soundscape unmatched by any comedian. Enjoy, if you will.

Bill Cosby, Go Karts.

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Kevin said...

You speak the truth. I had many Bill Cosby records in my collection in early high school. I remember Bill Cosby figured into a large part of the conversations we had to pass the hours when we earned our money pulling tarp. good times.