Thursday, December 28, 2006 software

Over the long Christmas weekend I decided I needed to load up my new hard drive with some software. First I bought Day of Defeat for ten bucks. It's a multiplayer only World War II shoot 'em up game and I suck royally at it. It's fun though. I am having a hard time adapting to the mouse and keyboard control of a PC first person shooter after playing Halo on the Xbox for so many years.

Next up was Anapod. My Ipod is really starting to fill up and I have spent a lot of time and money downloading and uploading music to the device. I was starting to worry about what would happen if I lost or broke my Ipod (which would in itself to be a terrible tragedy). It literally took me months to upload all my CD collection to the Ipod and during that time and since then I have been adding Itunes purchases, newly bought CD's and other finds. Anapod is supposed to replace Itunes as the piece of software you use to interact with the Ipod. So far I have had trouble using the Anapod to update the Ipod but the backup software that comes with it worked like a charm. Not only do I have my Ipod backed up but I now have every song I own on a hard drive and I can access this music to make mix CD's.

So after arranging it so I have easy access to all 10,000 of my songs I figured the only piece of sofware I was lacking was Nero. I needed Nero so I could manipulate audio files and burn them to CD's. I had no idea how powerful Nero was. I can acually chop songs up and insert audio files into songs. I'm as happy as a clam.

What I am getting at is I am making a cool mix CD with some fun soundbites and I want to know who wants one. So who, G. wants one? Email me with your address and I'll hook you up or leave a feedback message and I will also hook you up.

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